Chapman University Art Collections

Chapman University is proud to be home of two wonderful collections of art: the Hilbert Museum of California Art and the Escalette Permanent Collection of Art. Between the two is a diverse array of works in a wide variety of media. Both collections are free and open to the public to view.The Hilbert Museum exhibits the vast collection of Mark and Jan Hilbert, which focuses on California Scene Painting from the past century, and can be found at 167 N. Atchison Street, located across the street from the Orange Metrolink Station.The Escalette Collection is supported by an endowment established by the late Phyllis and Ross Escalette, and is comprised mostly of contemporary and modern paintings, prints, and sculpture. Rather than being housed in a museum or gallery, The Escalette Colelction is displayed throughout the Chapman campus in hallways, public spaces, and study areas. Beckman Hall is home to a large selection of works from the Escalette Collection, where it is seen by students, faculty, and visitors every day. The art is also displayed throughout campus, including Moulton Hall, 633 W. Palm, and most recently, Chapmanā€™s new Harry and Diane Rinker Health Science Campus in Irvine.* * *- [Arts at Chapman University](http://www.chapman.edu/arts/index.aspx)- [The Phyllis & Ross Escalette Permanent Collection of Art](http://www.chapman.edu/arts/escalette.aspx)- [The Hilbert Museum of California Art](http://www.chapman.edu/arts/hilbert-museum.aspx)

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